What is Pando?

Have you ever wanted to feel less tired? Lose weight? Work less? Improve your fitness? Perform better at work? Eat healthier? I can keep going, but I imagine as a starting point many of these probably apply to you.

Pando is an online portal for improving health, longevity and the overall quality of your everyday life. In recent years, people have attempted diets, taken up training at the gym or may have tried to improve their work life. These areas mean different things to different people, but the overarching idea is to be the best that you can be.

We are two guys who have realised we can achieve more, feel better, be more productive and improve our healths astronomically if we focus and ask ourselves questions in every aspect of our daily lives. Pando is a quest, a journey and an experiment for us that we hope helps many others follow the same path.


What matters to you? Do you have bad eyesight? Do you want to improve your sex life? Do you want to learn a language? What could you be doing better? Pando is about asking yourself these questions and doing incremental things to answer them. Pando is here to make you think and give you ideas so you can answer the questions in paragraph 1. We don’t expect you to adopt everything, just to come in and cherry pick the bits that you think will have a positive lasting impact on your life.

Jake and Jamie are on this journey. We have different things we want to improve, but overall the same aims in the long term. As Pando, we will document this journey, we will document others journey’s and we know we are going to meet some awesome people along the way.

Depending on when you first find Pando, Jake and Jamie may have just started or be somewhere en route. However we want to stress that you can always contact us, as we want to hear your ideas and stories.

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Jake Stott

Jake Stott

Jake wants anybody to be able to implement what he writes about, not just true biohackers. He likes to spend his money on experiences not things.

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