At university, Jamie was the cliche student: he drank excessively, never exercised and gave little attention to his well being. After graduating, he quickly built a business in real estate and soon fell victim to the many temptations that surround success. He watched his weight fly up, his face inflame, his ability to cope with stress diminish and developed arthritic like symptoms.

Three years later, having just come back from a holiday to LA where he saw how healthy people really looked, he decided to get his life back on track. He hired a personal trainer to help shift the weight, which then had a profound knock on effect to the rest of his life. He quickly explored how to improve his health, fitness, mental performance, productivity and sleep. This is when he stumbled across the biohacking community. He delved deeper into the research and began self quantifying his life so he could make a game plan to take drastic action. With the help of biohacking, Jamie went from a boozy lout to someone who really wanted to see what his body and mind could achieve in terms of optimal living.

Now armed with what he has learnt, he wants to help as many people in the UK, and the rest of the world, to finally take control of their lives. No longer do you need to accept that you wake up every morning feeling groggy and burnt out or that jet lag is just the price you pay for going on holiday. All these things can be improved and usually at no cost at all.
Jamie’s eyes have been opened and in a short space of time, so will yours.



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