Jake is the co-founder of Pando, a marketing consultant and spends the rest of his time working on growth at a software startup. He met Jamie at university where they both studied economics. Just like everybody else, he lives a busy lifestyle where he is constantly battling to live healthier, happier and be more productive.

Until two years ago he largely saw himself as invincible and hadn’t thought too much about his health. However after many ‘good’ years he started getting stabbing stomach pains, which was diagnosed as chronic gastritis (heartburn’s evil cousin). He was shocked to find out this was mostly diagnosed in 50 year olds, not 23 year olds. At this point he knew he had to change his lifestyle.

Two years later, after learning to control the gastritis, it dawned on him that you might be able to control other areas of your body. While looking at ways to improve his nutrition and sleep, he stumbled across the word biohacking. He hadn’t spoke to Jamie for 6 months but noticed he seemed to have made a big life transformation. After a quick Skype chat, he realised Jamie had also discovered biohacking.

Jake wants to live a normal life just like everyone else. But he wants to upgrade what he does to to improve his health and productivity. His aim with Pando is to show that everyone in the UK can add elements of biohacking into their life and be much happier everyday.

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