dry january

10 Reasons Why I’m Enjoying Dry January

How many times have you heard someone mention Dry January in the last few weeks? Probably quite a lot I’m guessing! If you aren’t aware of Dry January, it is the ‘challenge’ to not drink any alcohol for the whole month of January. With the excesses of the Christmas period January 1st becomes the day […]

cold sores

How to Kill and Prevent Cold Sores

Cast your mind back, where did you catch your first? Was it an impromptu game of spin the bottle or maybe your first girlfriend gave you it? The cold sore, named because it usually follows a cold in childhood, is synonymous with teenagers and in the UK roughly 25% of us catch this by the […]


The myth of low-fat diets

Sometimes you feel like giving up on trying to stay fit and healthy with all the conflicting advice set out by government agencies and the so called ‘health and fitness’ industry. The latest U-turn of our generation is the advice on dietary fats. Banished like the plague by governments and health ‘experts’, they both discredited […]